How does MANIpolare per comunicare works?
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Game 1: visual and tactile Simon 

A sort of visual and tactile Simon Game for train the memory and start the approach to the LIS alphabet.

This sketch recreates a sort of visual and tactile Simon, a skill game for train memory; that allows to use the robotic hand and the 26 LIS hands in an interactively way. In this game you have to remember the random letters sequences shown by the robotic hand and reproduce them by placing the correct hands printed in 3D into the base. In detail, the user must press the button to start playing: the robotic hand will warn you that it is going to start the game and shows the sequence of numbers, three, two, one. After the start timer sequence, the hand will put in the open position and immediately after it will display the first letter processed by the system. At this point, the child will have to recognize the letter just shown by the robotic hand (the child has a poster to study all the alphabet LIS letters and the corresponding letter in Italian); then the child must find the correct hand between the 26 LIS 3D printed hands and insert it for one second in the rectangular base connected to the robotic hand. If the inserted hand is wrong, the robotic hand will alert the user falling down and the game will have to start again with a new random sequence; if instead the user has entered the correct 3D hand, the robotic hand turn twice from left to right and viceversa to indicate success and  now the sequence will be incremented by a letter. At this point the displayed letters will be two and the user will have to insert them both into the base and reproducing the correct sequence. The game proceeds in this way until you come to a record sequence of five letters: if you arrive at the end, the robotic hand will rotate five times showing the sign “I love you” in American Sign Language (pinky, index and thumb get up). At this point you can start the game again with a new random sequence.




Game 2: learn dactilology!

In this more advanced game (requires the knowledge of the LIS alphabet) the robotic hand will play in sequence words that do not have a specific sign: names (geographical or personal, such as Laura and Italy) or unknown names and foreign words that can not be signed by LIS (eg FabLab or Colosseo) to show the use of finger spelling. The child will have to reproduce the word shown by hand, inserting the corresponding hands in the base.

In this game you have to recognize the word signed by the robotic hand and reproduce it by inserting the 3D LIS hands into the base to reform the same word. If a hand is inserted incorrectly, the robotic hand falling down immediately for alert the user and you have to start the game with a new word; if instead the word reproduced is correct, the hand will turn two time from left to right and viceversa and will show the “I love you” sign to indicate that the user has won. At this point you can start the game with a new random word. In this sketch it was created a small database of words and Arduino will choose them randomly.