Elena Dall’Antonia

Graduated in Multimedia Communication and Information Technologies

University of Udine (Italy)


Elena Dall'Antonia, autrice di MANIpolare per comunicare


Elena Dall’Antonia, the author of “MANIpolare per comunicare” (MANIpulate to communicate), has a degree in Multimedia and Science Technology at the University of Udine (2013). Subsequently, Elena continued her studies and in 2015 she graduated with honors in Multimedia Communication and Information Technologies. After the period of studies in Information Technology at the Alpen Adria Univeristaet of Klagenfurt (Austria), Elena has collaborated with the Scientific FabLab of Trieste (ICTP – International Centre for Theoretical Physics), focusing mainly on 3D modeling and printing. During her traineeship Elena meets Valentina, a LIS communication  assistant: from this lucky and casual meeting, will born the idea of this project.

Elena loves technology, video games, photography and the world of 3D, but her greatest passions are music and cinema.


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